How many deployments are running?

Tim did you track the original Allmon and are you on Allmon2? I would be curious to know how many people use it, if you don’t mind.As far as dev, have many forked it? When contributions are made are they rolled into the default branch?

Some developers are not willing to let other’s modify ‘their baby’, no matter how good (or demanded/requested) the contribution might be. I wonder because I don’t think I have ever seen you mention anything about a team, goals, improvements or your vision and when there is a team of 1 it usually means changes aren’t really welcomed. Do you prefer people to contribute, simply fork or leave it be go away and build their own? lol

There are 100s if not 1000s of copies of Allmon2 out there, many cosmetically modified. I do accept pull requests and there have been a few including a security fix. There is no license for Allmon2 and it’s on git hub so people can do what they want it. There is a highly modified “fork” of Allmon2 called Supermon. No one ever submitted a pull request of any of it.

Generous of you, thank you.