How long to get a node

My node is not approved yet. How long before I get my node??? With as many people that run this site, you would think I wouldnt have to wait a week to get approval.

Not sure how you can get a node number issued without following the directions and setting up a server first!

Read and follow this section for setting up your server first. Login & Create a Server

Once your server is created, then you can request a node number.

wait…what you mean by setting up a server is basically registering a server name with Allstarlink, not physically getting the PC running. When I first read what you said it didn’t ring right till I realized that. My node numbers are pretty old, I forget how it was then.

WD5DMX, how did you request a node number? From the procedure in the how-to? That stuff should be pretty quick.

I’m just south of Ft. Worth in Crowley, TX.

GeorgeC W2DB 2360, etc


You are correct! Registering a server name and information on the Allstarlink WebPortal.

Its all explained here with pictures! :slight_smile:

Sometimes you just need to read and follow simple directions for the correct outcome, instead of pointing fingers at others. :slight_smile:

Follow the simple instructions. Then delete your last sentence!

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Not sure where you are getting your info on the number of people running this site.
But it is a community help board and only a few for it
and registrations are no more than a couple different people, Everyone donates their time.

Node numbers are not automatically issued.
You must first sign up and be verified manually by your call, and once your accepted, you must use the ‘self service portal’ to request a node number. Set-up your server details.

If you have done all of that, log-in to your account and see if they have been issued.
You can then assign that node to a server you have config’d.

So exactly where in this process are you ?