How goes the Beta?

Hey Gang,

It’s been quiet out there. Has anybody been using Allmon3?

I’ve not installed it yet. Waiting on deps to be updated so we can test Allstar on bullseye and bookworm. More importantly bookworm! Noticed that the apt repo has been updated but still failed due to dependencies. Ezstream has moved support for bookworm too so things seem to be swiftly moving over to Deb 12… (you may need to uodate the wiki as that is now depreciated for anything below deb12. Once this is done then Allmon3 is going to be our pub dash on our popular UK network as we currently use Allmon2. Leaving the deps in the capable hands of your selves :). Is there any movement on a successful compile yet? And if so please do tell :slight_smile: #bookworm


@m0vub - For Allmon3, which works with all version of app_rpt, it is supported and working on Debian 10-12 as well as Raspbian 10-12. It will be put into the official ASL Debian repositories when it’s released as 1.0. For now, the Installation Instructions walk through a complete package-based installation - no compilation needed.

Sounds good :slight_smile: keep up the good work!