How do I use the AllStarLink software after I install and configure?

I installed the AllStarLink Beta-2.0.0 software on a desktop computer, and I completed the instructions in the Beginners Guide. I configured the software as a radioless node. I did not configure the radio section, since it is a radioless configuration. I changed the user: repeater with passwd because the setup menu didn’t work to change the password.

Now, the software is installed and configured, but I have no idea how to use the software! How do I use the AllStarLink Beta-2.0.0 software to listen and transmit on the AllStarLink network? I can log into the linux computer with the user: repeater, and the password, but I have no idea how to proceed to actually use the AllStarLink Beta-2.0.0 node software to listen and transmit.

Is there documentation that goes beyond the Beginners Guide to actually use the software to get on the AllStarLink network?

Dave KY0L

A radio-less node is no different than a Radio node and needs to be configured just as if you have a radio attached. The difference being that attached to the USB sound interface you will use an adaptation to use a normal DTMF Microphone as the transmitter and an amplified speaker, as your receiver. The overall setup and dialing operation is identical to having a radio attached.

Your biggest hurdle will be either building or purchasing an USB sound adapter that allows a microphone connection to it.

If you are asking about dialing commands for later you will utilize(dial) a *3(nodenumber) to connect in a trancieve mode to another Allstar Node. A *2(nodenumber) will connect to that node in a listen mode, dialing *1(nodenumber) will disconnect you from that nodenumber.

Not knowing where you are as far as registering with AllstarLink for your node number etc, that process still needs to happen if you haven’t done that.

If you visit and read this it may give you a better understanding of what is needed along with a schematic of how to build the adapter you will need.

Larry - N7FM

You can give yourself access to your node to command it via a windows based program that connects to the servers IAX interface.via your network.

While you might find that a bit of an issue to setup depending on your experience,
you have that and the command line.
But that is not going to let you interact with it like iaxrpt.

No to confuse you any, but there are other methods that may be a bit challenging for a newb.
Get some experience and ask questions.
Use the wiki.

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