How do i use all mon on a vultr cloud server

How do i use all mon on a vultr cloud server

Does your Vultr server respond to http requests? If not you’ll need to install Apache2 and php. There a million videos and howtos around for that. Then you’ll install Allmon with these instructions:

Sorry it is such an involved process. One of these days someone will write an apt-get installer for Allmon2.

I did go through these steps when i edit the allmon 2 config fuile and save it the web server does not work.

More info would help. What doesn’t work? Do you get an error, if so, what is the errror you are getting?

Jim, K6JWN

I have it setup but the webpage isn’t working

What about it isn’t working? Does the page come up and show an error, does the browser report an error? Can you send a screen shot of what isn’t working so we can attempt to help.


the web interface is not up and running after i redid the allmon config file.