I’m ve2pcq from Canada, I want to run a simulcast voting system on 447.125-.

I have 4 TAIT T800 modified repeater on Thunderbolt 10Mhz, 4 RTCM modified cristal to 9.6Mhz GPS synchronized.

My only problem is how do I run the software so RTCM can work together.

I try in the past to install iso image of ASL 1.01, but Asl menu not 100% working.

I saw ASL 1.02, but don’t know from where to begin, do I need to run install a Ubuntu 16.04, or 18.04, amd64, i386, or Debian 9 or 10, amd64 or i386.

I try to compiling like it say on Wiki but always have error.


Pascal Charette

Install the ASL_1.01 image as that works fine with RTCMs. There are no menu settings for configuring a RTCM so you’ll edit the conf files with your favorite editor. Many folks like WinSCP for that task. All the config files are in /etc/asterisk

The basic idea is to add a node or use an existing node or your server with the following differences:

  • edit rpt.conf channel driver: rxchannel = voter/1999 ; Replace with your node
  • add a voter.conf:

port = 667
password = BLAH
utos = y

[1999]  ;change to your node number
Site1 = password1,transmit
buflen = 250

Wire the RTCM to your repeater:

  • Connect the discriminator audio output to the DB9 pin 3
  • Connect the CTCSS detect to pin 4
  • Connect PTT to pin 7
  • Connect Mic audio to pin 2

And finally you will need to telnet to the RTCM and configure the settings. The manual shows how to do this but you may need help. Please come back with your questions.

There is a ton of detail (maybe more than you ever wanted to know) on the RTCM. https://wiki.allstarlink.org/wiki/RTCM_Client

Here’s the manual
RTCM manual.pdf (1.3 MB)