Help with audio

I have built an allstarnode following youtube vidio,everything seem to go ok, but when testing using the parrot node i’m getting no audio back. I have checked the tx and rx on the handheld i intend to access my node with using my other handheld and everything seems to working fine .I can rx Hubnet on the node but still no audio out. I Just woder if anyone can help .

What sound card are you using? Mind giving details on your setup?

Willing to bet in /etc/asterisk/simpleusb.conf you have the ctcss from set to usbinvert. Set that to no.

Hi Alex , thanks for your reply , i have a raspberry pi 3 , bofeng 888 and the soundcard is a cm 108 fob , the soundcard was purchased and it was already moded , i think it might be a software problem , i’m not sure which settings to change in the software so i thought i would ask.
Many thanks.

Thanks for the reply but i’ve just checked the setting and it is set to no already

I am assuming the COS LOGIC is hardwired and not VOX or PL-TONE

The first step is to ‘verify’ that it is correct.
So when the RX gets a signal, does the TX TXmit ?
If it does and you can verify that audio is present from the RX at the sound dongle,
Then is your COS logic correct or does it need to be inverted in the simpleuse/usbradio file.

If the cos logic is incorrect, the audio gate in the software will not be open for input.

But perhaps the first check is that you are using the correct ‘duplex mode’ in rpt.conf.
For none of that may be valid checks if not correct.