Help with announcement volume?

Hello, I have recently set up allstar on my repeter.
I have it set on full duplex and it passes local audio just fine but the id and announcements are not audible at all. Is there a way I can set the audio levels for the announcements?


If you are using the simpleusb channel driver, and you most likely are, use sudo simpleusb-tune-menu at the Linux prompt. Or use item 4 on the ALS Menu. The simpleusb menu is more-or-less self explanatory but let us know if you have any questions.


This might be helpful also

Thanks for the reply,
Turns out I had a setting wrong however it still attempts to id but without audio. The only time it successfully id’s is when the squelch is open oddly enough. This is with the cos and ptt settings changed. I did try reversing them but it did the same thing. I also did a test using the status display program and the cos is displayed as clear when it attempts to id. I also tried keying up to check that it displays when the squelch is open.

What display program are you talking about? Just curious as I just built 2 node using Raspbery and URI-X and I did not see any display program… It would have been helpfull.

Its under the simple usb menu. I think its option v.

I will have to check that!