HELP REQUIRED - Connection issue

Hi All,
I am a very recent user of Allstar and have an issue with connecting to nodes. Firstly, I cannot connect to any nodes using my radio and DTMF tones. The tones are being decoded correctly as I can see them using the appropriate CLI check. However, I can connect to nodes using Supermon2 but it takes 2 to 4 attempts to make a successful connection.
Hardware - Shari PiHat Pizero.
Node - 60603
Call sign - VK3AWA
Computer - PC Win11
Latest version of Hamvoip.

All help gratefully appreciated.


Daryl de VK3AWA

I see that your node 60603 is registered, so that does not seem to be any issue.

If you are confident you system is decoding dtmf correct, I would suguest you stil with that as a direct method of testing. You may have other issue with supermon.
When doing anything in allmon/supermon, it does not send dtmf but iax commands.

You could experiment connecting to one of my hubs that isn’t doing much at the moment
29999 as that may take some other possible issues out of the mix.

But I did try to connect to you without success. Likely you may not have properly configured your iax port forwarding port to the IP of your asl server.

But that should not effect outbound connects.

So, I will stop there and let you do some checking and see where you are.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your help. I formatted and configured a new SD card and the outcome was still the same. I have ordered another hotspot so I will put further testing on hold until I configure and compare the new device. I will keep you posted.

Cheers Daryl de VK3AWA

Can you post your iax.conf

Please blank passwords used in registration lines.

There are just a few things I can check that may solve this…


The group wont let me post a file because I’m a new user. I will send a PDF to your Email.

Cheers Daryl

Well, got that, looked it over.

Not familiar with a shari set-up at all, but did not notice a line describing ‘IAX PORT’
–strike that-- found it. - bindport=4569

But I was not able to see what you were registered with as your node was not on-line/registered.
I will look again later.
You did set this port number in the asl self-service portal for that server ?

Apologies Mike, you may have to dumb it down a bit for me. The “asl self-service portal” is another language to me. :person_shrugging:t2:

Cheers Daryl

There is a discussion of DTMF troubles on the Shari site. I suggest looking there for an understanding of issues others are having. Many of us seem to be having troubles.

Joe AF1E

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THANKS Joe, further research suggests the issue may be missing lines in some of the conf files in HamVoip V1.7 which is what I am running.
I’m yet to confirm.


Daryl VK3AWA

Hey Daryl,

Just wondering is that issue resolved for you as I am having similar issue.

Belayet - VK2VRB

No I didn’t. It’s possible it’s an internet (SkyMuster) issue.

Dayrl, Re-Reading this after some time has past,
The only other thing I can think of where the dtmf is being read but not responded to or eecuted is just this…

If there is a conflicting command in rpt.conf.

This may take some time for you to look at. For it could be fat fingered in the file.
The principle that I am trying to convey is based on the idea that asterisk will always execute the first match in dtmf.

So let’s say we know all *3 commands are intended for connect in TX to a node number that follows that prefix.

If you have in the file some other command that starts with 3, it might be grabbed before the intended.

supermon/allmon do not use dtmf, but commands via iax, like might be issued on a asterisk command cli>rpt and would not be effected in any of that. It’s not dtmf.

So, you might comb though the rpt.conf file and look for a possiblle conflict.

Also, you might try a connect for ‘monitor’ as that is a *2 command. Possibly not effected.
Worth a test…