Help Kenwood TH-D7 cos connection

Hi all I’m new and have a big problem with my TH-D7 and I can’t find any help locating the cos .
can someone help me otherwise i can’t start my node
unfortunately I’m not a technician and I’m getting by but I don’t know where to put my hands.
configured everything … the node speaks … receives … but without COS it does not start .

Use the usbradio driver and set carrierfrom=vox. That works great with HTs to provide COS detection without an actual COS input.

ok I’ll try and then I’ll tell you thanks in the meantime.

tried but it doesn’t work for me so it’s left to ask if anyone has a way to trick the cos otherwise it’s a big problem.

VOX is not really a good option. But it is an option as well as using usbradio and PL tone for cos. Should be in the wiki I think.
In the event you do not get a exact reply,
You will need to get a schematic of the radio and prepare to do surgery in finding the point in the squelch circuit that toggles voltage when the squelch gate opens/closes and connect that to the COS line of your URI. And handle carefully not to draw to much current in your circuit. Using a buffer transistor is a plus.
Not an easy task for beginners.
If no good reply, I might suggest you try a mobile radio where the parts and room are larger for you to work in without error. Perhaps one that either has an interface you can attach to or is documented for the same.
But I understand we all have limitations of different sorts.
Perhaps since I have bumped this up the list, you might get an exacting reply yet.

hello Mike thanks for the support morle …yes the vox is not working much …!
I tried to look for a point where to take a useful signal but … I can’t weld anything … due to limited space.
now last test I want to see if using the radio status LED I get something.
certainly strange that no one has tried … I discovered that it was also used for satellite use (cie two thd7 devices were used on board a satellite, but I can’t find any useful diagrams.
continuous .

While not familiar with the radio, a LED indicator of open squelch is the easy and best choice if it has it.
But I still suggest using a buffer transistor like a 2N3904 or 2N3906 / NPN PNP.
The logic of the cos can be a bit confusing with a URI and the software. But one step at a time.