Help Allmon2 - "Node waiting..."

I am able to log into the Allmon Control Panel and do things. However, I get no node information on the page. It just says “waiting”

What am I doing wrong?


Can you post your controlpannel.ini.php here? Be sure to hide the password(s).

Edit: Send in a PM if you prefer.

I assume you mean the allmon.ini.php I hope I’m correct in that…

repeater@DVSwitch:/var/www/html/allmon2$ nano allmon.ini.php
GNU nano 2.7.4 File: allmon.ini.php

<?php [] url= [48273] host= user=admin passwd=XXXXX menu=yes hideNodeURL=no ;[501] ;system=System1 ; ;user=admin ;passwd=password2 ;nomenu=yes ;hideNodeURL=yes ;[502] ;system=System1 ; ;user=admin ;passwd=password2 ;nomenu=yes ;hideNodeURL=yes ;[2000] ;system=System2 ; ;user=admin ;passwd=password2 ;[2000 RTCM] ;system=System2 ;rtcmnode=2000

Greg, If you want to PM me with your phone number, I’d be happy to help set up Allmon.

I’m betting he is using lighttpd as the web server. Add “ = 2” to /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf and restart lighttpd.

Trying to find the private message feature here…

HH 4996 if you have hamshack hotline.

Greg, see my message above.

Issue is resolved. It needed that line of code. Thank you!

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