Having Echolink Issues

I am trying to connect to an Echolink node through AllStar and getting the error message

“[Nov 11 15:42:04] ERROR[4894]: chan_echolink.c:2583 do_new_call: Cannot find DB entry for IP addr”

It shows on Supermon as trying to connect but then I get audio through saying that connection has failed.

This Echolink node is online, and showing on the list when I type on “echolink dbdump”. I can connect to other echolink nodes no problem and the strange thing is I can connect to this particular node through the iPhone app.

Has anyone came across this problem before? I have reset my AllStar node and checked all the Echolink settings and everything is fine and how it is meant to be setup. The other strange issue is that this particular echolink node can connect to me, just not the other way about.

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I am having exactly the same issue. It seems the IP address is not correctly parsed from the database as it shows up incomplete in the log. This may cause the connection problem I guess.

Wonder if there is anyone who knows a workaround for this