Having Audio Issues with Hamvoip and TYT-TH-9000D

I have a TYT-TH9000D with the DB-9 connection modification (purchased from Repeater Builder) and a Repeater Builder USB Rim Lite for the Alinco x35 series of radios. I am my node as a simplex node. I have been able to get it to “partially work”. I am able to key it up with an HT and the Hamvoip courtesy tone come back. I have tried to set the audio levels using SimpleUSB-tune and nothing works. I have tried to enter DTMF tones will not pass. I have verified in Hamvoip that the touch tones are not passing. I tried Parrot and that does not want to pass tones.


John N3NKV


Have you just worked between your radios first with out the rim light plugged int the alinco x35 radio to make sure the radio to radio works ok both ways.

Be sure to set duplex=1 in rpt.conf. That’s needed for simplex (half duplex) nodes.