Has anyone installed asl under hampi?

I was curious if anyone has installed allstarlink under the hampi operating system. if so how is this done?
Mike N3IDS

I’ve never heard of hampi.

By the looks hampi is just an ansible script, so the raspberry pi OS needs to be present before you use it. I would think it would be easier to use the allstarlink raspberry pi images as your starting OS, and then just run the hampi script on top of that.

Thanks for the reply,
This is hampi - HamPi download | SourceForge.net
As far as linux scrips go, I am clueless.
I am worse at linux than I was at msdos.
If I were to do what you suggested, how would I do that?

The general idea is that hampi comes as either an OS Image download or as scripts to build from source, and Allstarlink also comes as an OS Image download or you have to install it from source. So you would have to pick one of the OS images, and install the other thing using the install from source method.

Allstarlink is notoriously hard to install from source, so I was suggesting start with the Allstarlink image and use the hampi install from source instructions.

However, the ASL2 Beta images are using Buster (Debian 10), so browsing through hampi, it looks like you would probably need to go back to hampi 1.5 in order to get compatible scripts to use on that image.

Still I don’t consider this trivial. All of these options are pretty advanced as almost for sure you are going to run into many issues that need troubleshooting. Take a look at the build from source instructions to get an idea how comfortable you would be with that path.

Thank you for the info.
Looks like that would be above my pay grade.
just have to deal with a straight asl install then.
Mike N3IDS