HamVOIP recorded audio announcement (node voice ID)?

Hello, I would like to add a voice ID on a node, with a recording of my own voice. Something like “Welcome on VA2DK repeater”. This node runs on a Raspberry PI with HamVOIP sortware.
I tried to find the procedure on Internet, but the only info I could find is related to voice mail or voice memos.
I know it is possible because I heard some nodes using it. What is the procedure to use an audio file as a node/repeater voice ID?
Thank you for your help. Daniel VE2BAP

In your case Daniel, HAMVOIP does not matter as to function as far as I know. Same as ASL.

As I remember it, everyone used Audicity to do this and I just located an old instruction sheet.


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It works! Here is the procedure that worked for me:

1- On a Windows 10 computer, create the audio file with an audio edition software and save it in .RAW format (8 KHz, 16 bits). File name: myid.raw

2- Use WinSCP software to transfer the file to the Raspberry PI (HamVOIP): SFTP, port 222, in folder /etc/asterisk

3- On Raspberry PI, in rpt.conf file, uncomment and modify this command line: idrecording=/etc/asterisk/myid

The complete ID section looks like this:

idrecording=/etc/asterisk/myid ; Main ID recorded voice
;idrecording=/etc/asterisk/local/node-id ; Main ID synthesized voice (not used)
idrecording=|iDE VA2DK/L ; Main ID CW
idtalkover=|iDE VA2DK/L ; CW ID when signal present

Hope it could help. 73

Glad you made it work.
It may be a late consequence, but I created a dialplan function to do this from the radio of your node and I promise this winter sometime, I will publish it with instruction. I have to dig it out of my archive or re-write it.
So, you might watch for it if you have tail messages that you want to be able to change as it was in there as well.
But I am sure after your learning ordeal you just had, you can appreciate what it will do for you.

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This function will be very useful. Thank you in advance.

I’m glad you are supportive.
I have re-written the dialplan based of the original to more simplify it.

It could use a test in code and instruction.

Likely by them time you do, this post will close so PM me from this platform with issues or that which may not be clear.
Read it all before doing anything though.
I am pretty sure it will need revised. I have not the time to install and test it this week now.

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