HackRF one for allstar?

I’ve recently discovered this sdr called the HackRF one that is capable of transmitting from 1khz to 6GHZ, very very low power I’m sure…I would like to use that and a raspberry pi to make a 1.2Ghz allstar node so I can get some use out of my 1.2ghz capable radios. Would this be possible? Or has someone already done this?
Any input is appreciated.

I have a hackRF since the first run on kickstarter.

The hack RF is a SDR that can only TX ot RX at once. it can not do both at the same time.

I never did what you wish to do, but I think it can be done but only as a simplex node and you will need a way to interface the PTT signal from asterisk to a script that will put the hackrf in tx and use the audio stream to feed the SDR software on TX and while in RX you will need to send by a stream the decoded audio from the SDR software to asterisk.

I think you could do that with the USRP driver and I forgot, you would need a kind of vox system to trigger the node into sending the received audio to the ASL network.

Lots of work but doable…

On the other side if you wish to do a real repeater you will need both receive and tx at the same time Now you could use a smal receive only SDR for the RX and use the hack rf only for TX

RX only SDR that can go up to 1.2 ghz can be found for cheap. But never tested them at this frequency.

Now you would need to SDR session to read from the rx SDR and on to write to the hackRF

I know that hackRF can work directly from the CLI but never used that mode.

Hope this can help you into working this project


If your looking for a small device for allstar with very little work, look at the SHARI. I have a few, it just works. Its small and the drivers are included in the normal ASL disro


Thanks for the reply, yea it would only be for simplex. But as I’m nowhere near rpi savvy as I’d like to be this would be a little too changeling for me. Another alternative would get a 144mhz-1.2ghz transverter and use a cheap 2m radio to do that job so we will certainly see how things go with that

Yes I’ve seen those and there is pretty good write ups about that to controll the transceiver. However I don’t believe they have one that will go up to 1.2ghz. I went ahead and emailed the guy and asked to we will see as well.

Thanks for the info on SHARI. Hadn’t heard of these. Wish I could order but they are unable to ship right now due to the China situation. Still, a good little kit, looks like. Thanks again.

Yeah, Steve is a friend and our club bought the first 20 prototypes and we could not be happier. Even when he can get boards made he has been hard pressed to keep them in stock. They go very fast. We are asking him to do a limited run of VHF versions but again it may be a while before China can make the boards.


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