Got 2 nodes on one pi, can only forward to first node. how to get 2nd node accessible to outside connections?

like the title says, I got 2 nodes on one pi. I can forward ports to the first node and have it seen by outside connections. but I dont know how to get the 2nd node seen by outside connections.

That normally starts with registration of the node.
What is the node number ?

The node number I am working on is 592992
the other number on that pi is 592991, that is accessible from the outside.
Both are registered with allstarlink. I can call out but not get inbound connections.

I have no issue connecting to either node.

So, you likely have an issue in your local connection descriptions in rpt.conf
Or descriptions in extensions.conf
Perhaps even a fat finger error.
You might post your [nodes] section here if you are not seeing it yourself.

It is working now, didn’t change anything.
Oh well, if it works, i;m happy.
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