Getting started

Hi Group,
Just starting to work with Allstar. I followed the Beginners guide. Install went fine till I got to the install allmon2
instructions below copied from guide

Once you are there you have to type the following commands:

$ sudo apt install git
$ sudo git clone github dot com/AllStarLink/AllMon2.git /var/www/html/allmon2
$ cd /var/www/html/allmon2
$ sudo mv allmon.ini.txt allmon.ini.php
$ sudo mv controlpanel.ini.txt controlpanel.ini.php

That’s where I ran into a problem on the first command sudo apt install git

I get a host of errors 404 not found from a mirrordirector.raspian dot org) site plus more errors failed to fetch from a mirrordirector.raspian dot org

I tried to copy the whole response but got stopped by a 2 link limit . If the whole message can help please PM me at my call wa3kok at arrl dot net

Any Help appreciated

Larry WA3KOK

There is a newer version of Allmon. I recommend you install it instead. See

Thanks for the link . my Pi image is Stretch Debian 9 So I am starting over with a newer Debian.and try again
Larry WA3KOK