FTP - Does ASL 2 Beta have ftp?

Does ASL 2 Beta have ftp???. I am not finding it. I need to upload some files to my web host. I do not want to use sftp.

Thanks David

That is a OS thing. Not app_rpt/ASL

You can install whatever flavor suits you for the version of the OS you use.
But be sure your server firewall is open for the port you chose for it.

I might note that hackers are relentless with open ftp’s.

Thanks, I only using outbound. Its debian 10 in a google cloud. Everytime I try one it breaks allstar.

If I might ask,
What is wrong with using sftp ?

I backup parts of each of my servers and sftp to one of the others servers for redundancy.
All on a schedule. Automatic and painless.
I’m not knocking your method, as I don’t know what you are doing with it.

As far as it breaking allstar for you,
does this only happen when connected or when you install the software?

I tred this before on Virmach and did not work. On debian 10 Buster Google cloud service, all I did was do a apt get ftp.