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How can I get in without my password. Where is it located if I pull SD card and use PC?

Password for what software or service ? You did not say.

I’m assuming you are asking about the Linux password. That won’t work because 1) you won’t be able to read the file system and 2) the password is not stored in the clear. There are password cracker tools but it’s less work to reimage the card.

Sorry I meant supermon password to connect and disconnect a node

I can’t say for sure as I do not use the software, but I would guess it is a web system pass.
delete the file /var/www/html/.htpasswd

you will need root privileges.
go back to the instructions for supermon when you created a password.

Isn’t in plain text in /svr/http/supermon/allmon.ini

the passwords are in a hidden file called .htpasswd

Change to the Supermon directory if not already there.

cd /srv/http/supermon

Recommend removing any existing .htpasswd file - rm .htpasswd
Add an htpasswd file

htpasswd -cB .htpasswd (subsequent additional entries use just -B)
Supply a password of your choice when prompted.

is the login ID and can be any username you would like to assign; your callsign
or admin for example. DO NOT enter the < or >. Do NOT use a ! (exclamation) in the password.
You can have more than one login and password. If assigning additional passwords the ‘c’
create file switch must be dropped. In this case use:
htpasswd -B .htpasswd