First Time Run Software Issues

Software: ASL_1.01-20180417-amd64-i386-debian-stretch-netinst.iso
Machine: several Dell 64 (not 32) machines (including laptops) running Ubuntu 16.04 w/Virtualbox with a Allstar VM

Issues: Install and run first time setup, set node number, call sign, and simpleusb, etc…
When running first time set up the simpleusb node number portion is not automatically inserted upon selecting that device, the node number within rpt.conf is left blank (the 1999 is removed and empty space left, and the registration info (username and passwd) are not modified according to the inputted info at setup entries and in simpleusb.conf the “usb_1999” is changed to only show “usb_”…

I manually set up modules.conf (remove the "no from chan_simpleusb"and inserted the node number where it belonged, selected the simpleusb with the node number on the end, and the commented out out the “receiv = dahdi…” required selection in rpt.conf, and modified the registration string within iax.conf… inserted the node nuumber after the “usb_” in simpleusb.conf, then checked to make sure that extensions config was set properly. After all this, when I rebooted, then ran the asl-menu and selected #4 it thru errors each time. Upon further checking of things found that the simpleusb selection in rpt.conf hand been changed back to the dahdi mode, the the modules config file was modified back to it original. So needless to say IT DOES NOT WORK… Even when I do a asterisk service restart it all goes bonkers. I’ve been fighting this for over a week thinking I had issue with my radio or my RM control boards when I finally checked and found that things were changing up in the software.

I also setup a Pi 3 B+ and found that some of the issues were occurring the same way. Even though you do the update as required with the hold, and then activating the modules.conf as required and the proper channel drive in rpt.conf the rest of th file when running the asl-menu were not inputted with the correct information as entered.

Certainly I’ve not been the only one to experience these same issues?

Is the a update coming soon on the ASL and/or hamvoip anytime soon with updates that address this issues?

Thank you,