Finding Node Application Requests

Another ASL boot camp attendee needs information regarding node requests and OS requirements. I have a computer with Linux Ubuntu. Do I need to obtain a specific Linux OS? I have a new RP2 and want to hook it up to one of my DR-135’s to begin with. Later on my digital/annalog and straight analog repeaters. Can windows be utilized for this process?

I am jumping up and down in the same mud puddle when trying to find the link to same. I just today received my new ClearNode RP2 and downloaded the iOS app and of course can’t use it without a node number. My eyes are blurred from reading so much with no results. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Great Falls, MT

While I first will refer you to the beginners guide and I do not know what you have been reading.

I believe that clearnode’s are made for a ease of getting on the air, know that there are differences in the software/command set and you should refer to whatever documentation they provide.

You should note that you are troubleshooting them by name when asking questions here, or perhaps get an answer that is not exactly fitting because of that and likely increase your hair pulling time for both you and those that try to help.

Just checking up on ya…
were you able to hit your target ?
Don’t want you to give up. There is nothing to complicated here, but perhaps hard to understand at first.