Feeding AllStarLink From Home Node To Repeater

Several questions

  1. I took an new home AllStarLink node, tied it to a transciver to feed a mountaintop repeater. I ended up with a “shotgun” effect; i.e., the home transceiver node would drop, the repeatertail would bring the home node back up and repeat endlessly until it was disabled. Is it possible to setup such a configuration? What has to be modified

  2. I noticed that the “hang time” on the home node is 8-10 seconds, where do I reduce that to something like two seconds?

  3. I used Run SimpleUSB – Tune Menu option. One web page I found showed that menu had 22 selection; the one that comes up only has 11 selections. Is the one with 22 selections no longer a valid reference?

  4. I hear a morse code ID with the node’s callsign, but its low in deviation. How do I change that to make it a bit louder?


Hi mate
I run the same setup here in Oz and if you are going to tie into a repeater then there are a few things that you need to take care of first.
before we start do you have access to the repeater? If you do then we can move on but if you dont then there is no point in going further as you need to fine tune the repeater as much as you need to tune the timing on your node.

Im happy to share what im doing here, I have an unlimited fibre connect at my house, so I chose to house the node at my QYH.

At the mountain top repeater end I look after we had two Icoms, FR5000 VHF and FR6000 UHF and we link to both with two allstar nodes from the city at sea level.

Program to keep the tail as short as possible, and tone the output of the repeater if not already done, taking care to leave the tone off the Morse Ident very important!

At the home link end make sure you have a tone on the link radio receiver, this not only stops interference but also blocks the Morse ident from coming over the alstar network transmitted from the repeater.
Allow audio on delay and play with the timing till you remove any sign of kerchunking (very important) and check the levels till you get the audio levels right, not difficult just a little bit time consuming but you only have to do this a couple of times to get it right then set and forget.

hope this helps but remember you need to tweak both end you cannot just do it from the alstar end.

regards Tubby

Tnx Tubby; I’ve came up with about the same config