Ezstream not running

I am running ezstream to broadcast a node on broadcastify.com which was working but seems to have stopped. When I manually start it it runs for a min or so and stops again just long enough for it to show online and then goes offline again. I have setup some others on other repeaters but have never had this issue before. I had thought about uninstalling it and reinstalling but I’m not sure where the file is. I am using hamvoip and follwowed the directions for installing.

I have not done this but wanted to help you find help since you are not getting replies.

You might do a search of broadcastify on this board in the search box above.
And I think Hamvoip has a q/a board at groips.io

I might only add that this kind of stuff often comes down to bandwidth issues, both internet and cpu/memory and buffering. Careful not to make changes till you have a hint to what is going on.
Sometimes you forget what all you changed trying to make it work.

Hi Mike,

Thanks. I have posted a couple places including over there a few weeks back. I have a few of the broadcasify feeds working fine on others that I have helped set up. When I manually click to get it going it runs and gievs the message it should and then stops so not sure what might be making that happen.