Echolink type_deny list

I am currently moving over to the ALS system from EchoIRLP. One feature that I was able to do on that side was to block all incoming -L and -R Echolink stations from connecting via a type_deny list. Thus only allowing users to connect. The main reason for this was to eliminate connecting repeaters and links over Echolink, as most people don’t disable id’s, announcements, courtesy tones, etc from re-transmitting over the Echolink world. I’ve been searching the forum, and haven’t quite found where to put a simple type_deny all -L and -R stations. Any guidance is appreciated.

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I’m thinking possibly in the chan_echolink permit/deny lists?

deny= *-L, *-R

Anyone else try this? I’ve seen something similar used on the “permit=“ side with “*” wildcards.


I can confirm that this works. The only thing that would be nice that TLB does on EchoIRLP is it will send a message in the chat box to the station calling stating that if they would like to be granted access to send an email to the Sysop @ ( with their node number.

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