Echolink Registration

Hi all. I have an Echolink account and a UHF repeater on Hamvoip (51284). My question is; I wish to link my repeater to Echolink but, I need to register. I DO NOT know how to do this. I went to the Echolink website and could not find any info on how to register my repeater and receive an access code. Can someone assist me with this issue? I have Teamviewer for remote assistance if needed. Thank you in advance, 73’. Lou.

Maybe look at this?

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I went there but, still didn’t see anything. Very confusing.

You may need to ask hamvoip folks. This site supports ASL which walks the new node user through the process of signing up for EchoLink. I’m not sure Hamvoip will even support EchoLink as they have not been a fan of the audio quality. Have you talked to David McGough or tried sending a note to their group? It could be that’s David has seen this here and responded to you.


It might be more intuitive if you download the Echolink software and try to register that way. Once you obtain the needed information you can then uninstall it.


HamVoIP fully supports echolink and IRLP (for connection to experimental nodes/reflectors and as authorized bridges to reflectors, ONLY).

To initally setup echolink, you must use the echolink verification system. This requires installing the real echolink software (on a PC), initially. Once you’ve installed the software, configure the software for your callsign and leave the software running. Then, go to their verification page, here:

Once you’ve completed the verification phase, you can then use those credentials with HamVoIP/AllStar.

73, David KB4FXC

Hi Lou,
You need to register your callsign and for a repeater register “your callsign-R”. If you have a link receiver you need to register as “callsign-L”.
73’s Ron AI4HH