Echolink not active after a power down

When I shutdown the Pi, and remove power, upon a restart our echolink node is not listed for connection. If I then restart Asterisk from a CLI prompt, it is back??

What version of OS did you install?

Sounds like the echolink chan is loading too early and failing on a boot.

I am using the 2017 ’ Debian Jessie ’ version. Too many issues with ASL, I could never get it to work more than a day without failing.

I have probs w EL as well- works after reboot for a period of time but eventually loses connection. Wondering if there is a command I could use over DTMF to restart the EL driver or some way to re-initialize connection to EL servers. Any tips appreciated.

Nothing for EL in particular that I know of.
You can try to restart asterisk from the command line or reload the dialplan from inside of asterisk.

Perhaps the network is slow or packet loss on boot ? Like from a lot of wifi activity if you are using wifi.
Just suggesting things to look at.

But I would add that ‘display’ of connection to EL severs is not immediate. Could take 10/15min ?

You may not have a issue other than being in a hurry LOL

Thanks. The EL connection will be working fine, but after a length of time it will stop. Could be hours could be days I have not tested it. Restarting asterisk does indeed work but that is inconvenient. Maybe a script to restart asterisk daily at 5am or something?

Well, in that case, I would try a minumum that will fix the issue. Reload the dialplan would be my first choice if it works to bring it back.

There are so many things it could be causing your problem, you are just going to have to rule them out one at a time.
And the hardest one to prove is more likely. Your ISP. So be careful how far out the the way you go to make it work.

But a warm boot…
set a command to =cop,1
run it from the system sched when you want.

Or write a script to execute- asterisk -rx reload
XXX=cmd,/some/were/in/your/ ;example to call a script by dtmf command

  • set to scheduler.

But hang in there, perhaps someone has had a near issue and can give better insight than mine.

But you might tell us if your connection is on wifi ?

All very good suggestions. For me, I do not power down often, but when I do I just check for Echolink availability and restart asterisk if necessary.

connection is ethernet thx

Might I ask if you have SIP enabled and running ?

not sure- will look it up- thx

I am reminded once again from a recent reply on some other EL issue I made.
It is often overlooked and the cause of many issues.

Echolink will only allow 1 connection per IP address.
Most smartphones will run echolink in the background by default.

So, once your EL connection on your server is broken from a restart etc…
The phone is likely making the connection and that causing a blocking the servers new attempt to initialize a log-in.

Remedy ?
Turn the wifi off on your phone to force the phone to use cell carrier and not you local nat.
This would stop the cell from succeeding a connection during your servers reboot.

If you find that is the issue, I would set the phone so it will not allow the EL program to run in the background and only when it is in the foreground. Then you could leave the phones wifi on.

Now, don’t be fooled. It may look like both can log-in, but only the first one will be able to communicate from that IP address.