Echolink not active after a power down

When I shutdown the Pi, and remove power, upon a restart our echolink node is not listed for connection. If I then restart Asterisk from a CLI prompt, it is back??

What version of OS did you install?

Sounds like the echolink chan is loading too early and failing on a boot.

I am using the 2017 ’ Debian Jessie ’ version. Too many issues with ASL, I could never get it to work more than a day without failing.

I have probs w EL as well- works after reboot for a period of time but eventually loses connection. Wondering if there is a command I could use over DTMF to restart the EL driver or some way to re-initialize connection to EL servers. Any tips appreciated.

Nothing for EL in particular that I know of.
You can try to restart asterisk from the command line or reload the dialplan from inside of asterisk.

Perhaps the network is slow or packet loss on boot ? Like from a lot of wifi activity if you are using wifi.
Just suggesting things to look at.

But I would add that ‘display’ of connection to EL severs is not immediate. Could take 10/15min ?

You may not have a issue other than being in a hurry LOL