Echolink install problems

I am trying to setup Allstar with Echolink. Echo link link status shows the node online but it is not working at all and does not show on the Iphone app. echolink.conf is setup correctly however when attempting to run the echolink dbdump command from CLI it does not do anything.Also even with duplex mode in 0 still getting all of the connect and unconnect messages.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


One of the main problems i had was these two issues.

  1. port forwarding needs to be applied in your router
    inbound and outbound UDP to ports 5198 and 5199, and outbound TCP to port 5200. set your router so it sets your allstar node to same ip everytime it boots. i use dmz on that ip aswell.

2.then when you can poll the echolink dbdump.
leave it connected for a day or two while it downloads the database, it takes a while and i thought it wasnt working for ages! but it starts working after a while.

good luck!


Taking a guess.

Stop using your iphone on your wifi network when testing your echolink node on the same network.
Assuming both are on your home network,
EL will only allow one node per IP address so, if your iphone is on the same network, it’s not going to work. Turn your wifi off on the phone. Re-establish connection on cell network.

Now the other issue you are going to have is if the cell carrier will block ports.
You may have to set it to proxy or relay the connection on your iphone EL.

And I also assume you are using a different echolink node id on each.

But, why not give a friend a call who is on some other network to test your EL node setup before you jump to conclusions.