Echolink Connectivity

Is there a way to invoke a connection via the Echolink app, which is running on the Allstar node, from the radio side? Just like we do with connecting to another Allstar node by entering DTMF codes. Perhaps also adding a short cut in Favorites in the Supermon app(?)

Anthony - N2KI

From an app_rpt/Allstar node, Echolink connections look just like Allstar/App_rpt connections except the Echolink node numbers have been prefixed with a 3 and padded out to 7 digits with leading zeroes. For instance, if you want to connect to Echolink node 1234 on your app_rpt system you would dial *3 followed by 3001234. If you have a 6 digit Echolink node number 123456, you would dial *3 followed by 3123456. As you can see we have reserved Allstar node numbers with a leading 3 for the Echolink number space.

For users originating from an Echolink node using Echolink supplied software, nothing changes for them, they just dial the 4 or 6 digit Echolink node number assigned to your app_rpt system and they get connected!