Echolink callsign announcement missing?

Regardless of the “eannmode” setting, echolink callsigns are never announced, only node numbers. I’ve seen this problem in various bug reports over the years, but there doesn’t appear to be a solution. Environmental perhaps? Anyone fix this? We just migrated from irlp, and users miss this feature as the 3* echolink node numbers are generally meaningless.


Additionally, it appears the echolink database acquired/used by allstar is out of date.

“echolink dbdump” doesn’t list my callsign or node number, even after staying logged in for 20 mintues or so.

One time it found my echolink node number, but was associated with someone elses’ callsign.

I’ve tried a few different echolink servers in allstar echolink config file as well.

I even did a stacktrace on “asterisk -rx “echolink dbdump””, and couldn’t find a local copy of the db it uses. That aparently just does a db download from the echolink server over a socket connection.

Completely stumped as to why allstarlink cannot get a good copy of the echolink database.