Echo link number shows not call signs

I have two all-star nodes and i have echo link installed on both units and when i take my iPhone or iPad or other computer and log into the echo link on the pi’s running all-star echo link it shows the echo link number and NOT the call sign is there a way to change this ? I have looked for 2 days now trying to fond out out how to change and I have not found anything
both echo link nodes are ke3jp-r and ke3jp-l
thanks for any help on this Mike ke3jp

I don’t think you have the ability to control how this works from the Pi’s/nodes CLI view’s perspective… nor can you tell from the Echolink client what your ASL node’s connected-call sign is… You are going to see the node number only in each case…

If you’re in the asterisk CLI, you can run an ID lookup like so, and the results will give you call sign…

node*CLI> echolink dbget nodename xxxxxx

I do know that the Supermon utility would reveal this information to you as it queries your Pi node’s connections, and you could use Supermon to see this detail. I also believe your node’s connection logs should be able to give this away.

Hope this helps…