Easy and fairly cheap ASL Hotspot using a Baofeng Portable

I have developed another radio interface that uses a pre-made radio cable from a third party vendor to easily connect a Baofeng UV-5R portable (not included) to make a simplex ASL Hotspot. The Masters Communications RA-38 is designed to work with a Tigertronics SLCABHTW radio cable to easily connect a Baofeng portable (UV-5R or similar) for easy simplex Hotspot deployment. There is nothing to build or modify. COS is sampled from the radios receive audio line and no modifications to the portable are required. The RA-38 is available with a plastic or metal case and comes pre-configured to connect to the SLCABHTW radio cable. The radio cable is available to be purchased separately from Tigertronics. This concept of a simplex ASL Hotspot can be cheaper than other solutions, gives dual-band capability, and allows the portable to be used for other things when not needed for Hotspot use. The RA-38 is known to work with the popular UV-5R and UV-82 - maybe others. It does NOT work on the BF-888. Click the links to learn more. Comments and questions are welcome. Kevin - W3KKC

Kevin, is COS vox or is there a DC level shift detected?
GeorgeC W2DB

Sorry - I didn’t see this sooner… With the Baofeng - COS operates on a DC voltage shift that occurs on the audio line. It is NOT VOX. That said - there are configuration jumpers that allow the COS action to be programmed. This interface can use a “standard” logic low like most other radio adapters, or logic high. This is true logic high detection. Additionally - the COS action is buffered and illuminates a yellow LED when the logic level is satisfied and is of the correct polarity. NOTE - this yellow LED is NOT software driven - it’s showing the actual hardware status of the COS that reaches the C-Media chip. The configuration is done with mechanical headers and jumpers - no soldering required.