Doug hall RBI-1

where do i connect the audio to the computer for rx audio and transmit audio ,? i see where clock ,data, and reset is i have a desktop with parallel port and software loaded any help would be great Thanks

You will need a separate node and usb radio interface, somewhat the same as any other radio node.

The nice thing of having the parallel port is you don’t need to hack a sound dongle to plug-in your cos/ptt so, just use a usb sound dongle that works, preferable a cm108/119 etc.

Now you do not have to specify the node as a remote base, but if you do, it will only allow one connection.
So, something to think about depending on your desires.

My suggestion would be to use a private node for the connection. Do not define as remote base. It allows a little more freedom with some security. Put your parallel port set-up and remote commands on the node you will be connecting to it.
This keeps you from the need to connect in command mode to control it.

Let me know if you have any other issues. And when you have it all working.

Just following up to see how you made out ?

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i tried to email you on your qrz email but it bounced so i hook the data and clock to the computer port and ptt,cor and audio to a dmk uri ,is this correct?

Hope you did not use the email on that old qsl card. That’s been gone for 20 years LOL
QRZ listed contact should work /kb8jnm

The parallel port connection are simply for the switching logic cos/ptt and data to the device.
You don’t need to buy any URI, just a sound dongle for audio in/out (as normal) without any modification.

I am trying to verify what I wrote in the wiki on data and clock lines. I have had both of mine disconnected for some time. So, if there is a issue with control, let me know. And I may hook mine back up this winter.

I’m going to have to make a diagram for the wiki I guess. I can see how anyone might be confused.

For anyone stumbling on this later, I might also mention that a usb to parallel port converter will not function for the bit-bang level action this works at. So, it does not work on a Pi at all.