Do we need to change the registration server in our config?

Someone has been posting on reddit telling people to change their registration server from to in all their config files.

No mention of that domain change on here or home page. Can someone provide clarity on this?


Please see yesterday’s post in the announcement section. It is also appears on the home page.

I did. There is no mention in that announcement of changing config files to point to rather than That is why I asked for clarity.

Just to clarify, Allstarlink’s registration system is fully operational. Nodes should operate as before. There is no need for repeater owners / node operators to change anything.

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The stats server is temporally down. We’re working to get it back on line asap.

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The users don’t need to make any changes for their nodes to continue to work with the official ASL® servers.

The notices you are seeing elsewhere (to make configuration changes) are from people running a separate network which is not affiliated with ASL, Inc. If you choose to make changes to your node to operate under a different network, you are doing so at your own risk.

Anything you see on a website or email group that doesn’t have “” or “” as a domain is not official ASL content. This includes posts and content shown at and Again, ASL Community is the only official AllStarLink® communications exchange.


To clarify, as soon as a node’s internet provider updates their DNS, the site will start working as before. Most internet providers updated everything within the hour of the cutover. Try rebooting your node. Often that forces a new lookup. If you have any problems. please reach out to us.

What’s actually going on here? I feel like I’m having to read between the lines because the BOD doesn’t want to address the discrepancy head-on.

@wd6awp: who are the current members of the dev/admin team(s)?

73 de KE5GDB

It also appears that the main webpage now is redirected… Looks like a coup…

Stats is back online and running well.

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There is no coup. The five all volunteer board members that have been guiding the organization are still here.

Pete Elke /WI6H - President
Todd Lesser /KM6RPT - Secretary
David Shaw /WB6WTM - Treasurer
Tim Sawyer /WD6AWP - Vice President
Kevin Custer /W3KKC - Board Member

During our tenure as board members, the organization became a 501©(3) non profit. We formalized the assignment of all the allstarlink assets from Jim’s heir to the non-profit. As Pete’s message said, we have been working for two years on a new backend infrastructure. I was Jim Dixon’s work colleague and friend for almost 30 years. Allstarlink outgrew even his expectations. It is no secret that the old system had issues and needed to be upgraded. Not all volunteers supported the change. We felt it was necessary to switch from our servers being located at volunteers homes and work sites to using a commercial hosting company. We also redesigned the system. We hope you enjoy the new stability. Remember, this is a hobby and we want everyone to have fun.


DNS was changed to connect all Allstar existing nodes to our new back-end infrastructure (as noted in our announcement).

*** No changes to your node are required for it to continue to work with AllstarLink. We have had reports of DNS servers and nodes caching the the old servers. If you find your node is stuck you may have to flush the DNS cache with a reboot of the node or other DNS caching device (some home routers etc). At this point in time 90%+ of the systems have made the switch cleanly.

Please email the helpdesk if you need assistance with your node.

Thanks for that info, Kevin. That’s all that is needed to know. Keep up the good work.

GeorgeC W2DB 2360

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