Distorted Audio URI

I have set up my Hytera repeater to a private allstar node through URI. The audio received at the iaxrpt software is perfect. However, audio sent from iaxrpt to my Hytera portable radio is distorted (i can listen for a sec then audio goes, again i can hear a word or so then again it goes). squeltch is set to normal in radio. what could be the issue?
setting in usbradio or rpt files?
computer’s mic issue?
radio settings issue?

Distorted or delayed? It’s normal for there to be a repeat audio delay.

Did you tune the audio levels?



If i say,
" hello, mic testing 1 2 3 1 2 3 over."
I could listen something like this
" hel , testing 1. 1 ov. "
So, eating words, changing my headphones improved the quality but still alot of this is happening. Is it because of some noise at the background?

USBradio might be the issue. It can produce choppy audio on less powerful computers such as an Rpi3. In this case try using simpleUSB and make COR/CTCSS connections to the repeater. SimpleUSB CPU requirements are much less as it doesn’t use DSP to decode squelch noise and CTCSS.

Another cause of choppy audio with USBradio is that it requires discriminator audio to properly process squelch noise (audio above 3kHz). In this case be sure to set the repeater to output discriminator and/or move the connection to the correct pin. Also be sure to enable the CTCSS filter and deemphasis setting.