Displaying connection status of RTCMs in allmon2

Is there a way to configure alllmon2 to give a visual indication of whether the RTCM has made the connection to the asterisks server or a way within asterisks itself to send a notification upon receiving a RTCM connect/disconnect?

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Allmon will show the RTCM on the list only when logged in to app-rpt. It will fall off the list if the connection is lost due a network outage or some other outage. Here’s a typical Allmon RTCM list;

There is no default way for app-rpt/asterisk to send a notification upon connection but a script could do it. I have my backup repeater activate when the RTCM for main repeater goes off line.

Did you know the RTCM sends programable CW messages when it goes off line and returns? See the Off Line Parameters Menu:

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