Discourse is Gaining Favor

The forum we’re using is gaining popularity. Even Asterisk is using it now.

Discourse sites:

I think it is a great forum engine. It has all the capability to be as good of a system as what StackExchange uses, but the UI is more user friendly which will help those who are not computer people. It is loaded with so many great features, some will spot right away, other features will require some community educational tutorials to fully appreciate and use.

  1. As you type your draft is automatically saved, so no lost posts.
  2. All post & thread edits are public, no he said she said.
  3. TAGS!!! This should be used as it helps everyone in future searches.
  4. Users can mark replies as an ‘accepted answer’ helping others troubleshoot faster.
  5. Photos & screenshots sent straight to the server.
  6. It has an amazing API for extending it beyond just this site/page.
  7. Everyone can help keep it clean with community moderation.
  8. Speaking of groups, it has group messaging also and @mentions.

There are probably a hundred other great features and that is the reason it is considered one of the top players right now. It was a great choice and the community is going to really thrive as they explore and discover it’s power.