Curious point on C-Media chips

Just wondering…set up a new thin client HP with SSD, and did my usual re-compile of asterisk. Works fine. But I ran into something that has been referenced in passing but no other explanation. I have several of the $6 CM108/119 fobs and the one I grabbed first to test the computer didn’t fly. Did lsusb, it is a 0d8c:000e, and looking at the chip it is a CM108. Looking at several versions of source code for chan_usbracio.c and chan_simpleusb.c I see that it has never been supported . And simply curious why that is. Not critical to me, I have plenty of others. I note that over the years a few have indicated it didn’t work and when pressed for lsusb output it is the :000e version.

Thanks and stay safe
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