Creating a new node from scratch on an Intel machine

Is there a document somewhere that describes (hopefully step by step) how to install Asterisk and app_rpt on my own mini computer? I already have a pc that would be perfect for this but am not finding any info on how to get the software installed onto an existing Linux install. All I seem to find is Pi tutorials that start from an existing image with the software pre-installed.

There are instructions for installing Asterisk on your own computer running Linux. Please take a look a The very front page tells you how to do that. Unfortunately it’s old and you will run into problems.

But the first step is to install Debian on your computer. Are you up for that?

Thank you for responding. I am willing to install Debian. I used Debian for a few months albeit many years ago.

I have a fresh install of Debian on a VM as I type this. I followed the install instruction. I wasn’t sure what code to use at one point so I accepted the default ITU-T of S1.

Typically a Linux desktop is not installed on an Allstar computer. Your machine might handle it as it’s an i7. But I’d reinstall and use Debian 12 as folks around here have managed to get that to work despite the wiki instructions. Download the “netinstall” media. At the end of the install don’t install a desktop but do install an ssh server. You’ll want to use putty to access your computer as it has a number of advantages over the console.

Is this a laptop?

This is a Desktop computer currently. My plan is to get everything installed/working on the virtual machine so I can understand how this all works together. Once I think I understand it enough I plan to install it on a mini computer (an i5 Intel chip) and ssh into it as needed.

I don’t use Windows at home. My Desktop is actually Linux Mint.

I hadn’t noticed the beta version 2,0 earlier. I have that installed in a VM now. I can see it in a console or I can ssh into it currently. I don’t know what to do with it at this point though.

Sounds like you’re doing extremely well. There are a few files in /etc/asterisk you need to edit. Look at rpt.conf first.

I have to head out for a few hours. But in the mean time take a look at rpt.conf, iax.conf and extensions.conf. And check the beginners page on the wiki.

I have some notes-to-self from my cloud node build on Debian 10 if that’s any use? Let me know and I’ll sanitise them for public consumption.

Here’s a plug for a GitHub repo that I put together to build/install ASL on some of the recent OS builds.


Thank you WA3WCO. Exactly what I was hoping for. I did end up getting the node to communicate and am now ready to start getting the radio connected. I am just starting to read up on that.

Thanks everyone for the help!

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