Create your own Hoseline

Someone asked for some help on the DVSwitch maillist for how to save (and make use of) recordings from their repeaters. I responded with a crude and unfinished solution to their issue and thought maybe some people here might be interested as it is based on the Allstar node at the core. So here is what I posted there…

I just did this again on one of my nodes so that I could remember how it was done easiest so here is a brief overview. If you want it done for you my rate is low. But I hold no secrets and if you have the time here I will explain what you need to do.

If you want to test the result I will leave this running on one of my servers for the next 12 hours. Test by connecting to DMR talkgroup 5446 or Allstar node 42177, transmit a message then refresh your browser with this url:

Here is the overview of what is needed to " create your own hoseline":
Activate the archive directory in rpt.conf
recursively chmod that directory
install apache2
install php
install an HTML 5 audio player that dynamically creates a playlist from the directory contents
install rsync
install ffmpeg

Once everything is installed and configured simply write a simple bash script that does the following commands:

Rsync the archive log directory to the web server folder
Delete the original .WAV file from the archive directory
cd to the web server folder
ffmpeg and convert the .WAV files to .MP3
Delete the .WAV files
Loop this script.

Hope you get some use out of it and 73’s,

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It could easily be archived directly to a free Dropbox or Google Drive account as well. We should implement some of this functionality into the next release of Allmon Tim. :wink:

I put another hour into this idea because I wanted it to be responsive, that way it would look decent on my phone’s screen… Check out the results in your browser by clicking here.

The automated recordings were taken while connected to Node 2135 a few minutes ago. The HTML5 media player allows for the download of the entire library as a .zip archive or you can download individual transmissions. Also allows the copying of links to the individual media files you want to share, as shown here:

I am bored with this project so I am finished posting on it unless someone has questions.
Thanks for checking it out.


I would like some more information on this. What did you use for the responsive web player shown in your third post?

It was a project found on Github called MUSIC FOLDER PLAYER.