Couple of notes on remote base

Well I did get all working on the remote. Its a FT-900 operating as a FT100 in app_rpt. One point though was causing me to beat head on wall. Commands were not working. Used to be in rpt.conf a line:
functions = functions-remote
That was not in the rpt.conf that came with the distro. I’m making some notes on what it takes and I’ll put it together to add to the wiki. The wiki has pretty much nothing on how to setup a HF remote. There is stuff on a Doug Hall controller but that really does not apply here.

I also need to make improvements on the syllabic squelch I added to make a “COS” signal to the URI. And I do get the usual USB audio stutter inherent to Allstar.

GeorgeC W2DB

Yes, the last version did not have a complete set of defaults.
I re-used my old files.
You might check the wiki ‘rpt.conf’ listing for a more complete listing and see what else you might want to add. It’s easy to forget what you need till you see it.