I have SHARI PiHat running HAMVoIP, so far everything works. However, I am trying to move away from ARCH Linux by installing ASL 2.0 beta 6 image instead.

Pretty much working out okay the only thing I was unable to get to work is the COS LED. It does not turn on when COS signal is detected.

I was trying to follow some older instruction by adding two more lines in the rpt.conf

cop,62,GPIO4:1 = c|t|RPT_RXKEYED

cop,62,GPIO4:0 = c|f|RPT_RXKEYED

But that does not work.

Anyone running SHARI PiHAT with ASL 2.0 beta and get the yellow COS LED work, please share the configs. I would be greatly appreciated.


Yes I have ASL beta 2 running Shari PiHat on a Pi4, and I have the COS light working. This is not, however, a simple configuration change. It requires patching the source code.

The pull request to fix this can be seen here: Fix event processing for GPIOx:y cop commands by TheCranston · Pull Request #22 · AllStarLink/ASL-Asterisk · GitHub

You have at least two choices. 1) build the software yourself, using the code that has the patch in it - this is what I did, or 2) wait for the ASL maintainers to rebuild the software and package the update into the image, so you can just download a new image.

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Okay, thank you. I do not know how to patch it. I just downloaded the image this morning. I thought the fix was merged 4-5 months and already made it to live image.

I guess I can live with it since 99% of the time I am talking on the radio rather than looking at the LED.

At any rate, thank you though.


Right, the fix was merged to the code, but it doesn’t make it into the software image until the maintainers do a build to create the new image and post it for download. I’m guessing this hasn’t happened yet. Maybe there’s a way to reach out to them on GitHub.

I took the bull by the horns and made the new ASL from GitHub with PR #22 and updated the existing installation. COS LED works as expected.


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