Connecting Allstar to a Cat 1000 b controller

Wanting to connect allstar computer to cat controller that controls repeater. Can this be done?
Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, it can be done.
I say that in a generic way. Don’t expect to be able to control the cat1000 from ASL without a good bit of extra work. If all you are looking for is the audio link with ptt/cos it’s not much work at all.

Use the cat’s remote base port.
You may need to invert the logic between your server URI or Parallel port (your method of ASL cos/ptt) for for instance, the ptt or the cat’s remote base will normally switch to ground when active and float as nothing when inactive. Using that as the COS on the ASL URI is not directly compatible, so, a transistor to invert that logic so it is active high would be easy fix.

And the same type of situation on the reverse side.

I might strongly suggest you just use the ASL computer server and do away with the cat1000.
I understand if you don’t have a good grip on how it all works yet, but you should run it as a standalone headless and learn a bit before you make the link. And perhaps when you are comfortable with it, you might want to use it for the controller.

I have had 3 systems up on cat1000’s and get far more functionality with the ASL as the controller.
And often design my own functions in the software. So, it’s very flexible. But it’s not everyone’s bag of tricks understandably…

Feel free to ask additional on what you might not understand. That is why some of us hang around these boards.

y’all mean as in Syntor type CAT, right?
GeorgeC W2DB

George, a CAT1000B is a hardwired repeater controller from Computer Automation Tech and was their deluxe controller similar somewhat to a ACC RC850/85
They have been out of biz for quite some time now.

Thanks for the start of the help. The more im reading it sounds like using the ASL controller is the way to go. Truthfully the CAT is doing minimal work.