Connected to 2 nodes as monitor - rx audio passes through my node?

I have a stock Shari Pi3V and use supermon 6.2 to connect to two separate nodes in “Monitor” mode. If I transmit locally, neither remote node receives my audio as expected. However, if one of the remote nodes transmits from a local RF user, the audio ends up being transmitted by the other node I’m connected. Apparently I’m effectively linking those nodes together. Is this expected behavior? Supermon clearly shows that both of those nodes are RX only.

I may not be able to fully help as I don’t use supermon.

But to be clear, you are saying a remote node RF user is being TX by your node while in Monitor mode to that node ?

I should also ask if thins is hamvoip ?

I would say as a test, restart everything fresh, and do not use supermon to make connections.
Do a standard dtmf command for all and see where that goes.

Second test is to do a playback of connected nodes and mode… *70 and see what that tells you. It could be that your gui display is not correct. Which is a different area to be looking for the source problem…

The first est I would make.

If Supermon has a Local Monitor like Allmon does, try that to connect to both nodes rather than using Monitor.

What is the difference between “Monitor” and “Local Monitor”?

-Pres W2PW

“Monitor” repeats traffic from the monitored node to other connected nodes. “Local monitor” does not repeat the monitored node to connected other nodes. Of course the local node hears the monitored node in both cases.