Connect via UDP port 4570?

I have one node with router UDP port 4569 forwarded to it, and “bindport=4569” in /etc/asterisk/iax.conf.

A second node is configured for UDP port 4570, but how would an “outside” node connect to it if the router forwards 4570? Does the “bindport=4570” get conveyed to ASL upon node registration?


AllStarLink can be a bit confusing in this area.

Each hotspot is really two parts: a server and a node. A server can have 0 nodes, 1 node, or many nodes. It is the server to which a port is assigned.

While experimenting with ASL, I had 3 servers running simultaneously. Each had to have its own port, that was forwarded through the firewall to the correct device.

At, you assign unique ports to each of your servers. For example, they might be 4569, 4568, and 4567. (Decreasing port numbers is the recommended way to do it.)

I assume that you actually have two ASL hotspots. Each of those hotspots is really a server and a node. Go to to assign unique port numbers to each of your servers. For example, 4569 and 4568.

You will need to edit iax.conf for the server that uses 4568 (non-default). If you want to be able to connect either node to the other, you will probably want to edit the rpt.conf file for both servers so that they know the other node is on the local net.

(Edit: Made the use of servers and nodes consistent throughout the message.)

as long as it is 2 separate pi’s you can run one of 4569 to the local ip of that node. then the second pi with the port 4570 can also be forwarded to the ip of the 2nd pi with no problems. just make sure you have them set with to know which is on what port. if you are trying to run 2 nodes on one pi then you only need 1 port open.

To complete the picture. AllstarLink is a peer-to-peer system, unlike EchoLink which uses servers to direct traffic. ASL keeps a list of all servers’ IP addresses updated on your server; the one that hosts your node(s). The list is in file “/var/lib/asterisk/rpt_extnodes” on your server.