Compiling on FreeBSD

Hello everyone,

With winter on its way I’m ready to continue contributing to Allstar. To note I do still have some outstanding pull requests in github, please can anyone confirm what the hold up might be?

I use FreeBSD for most of my systems and wonder if anyone has had success install ASL1+ on FreeBSD?

Ideally I’d like to run an instance inside a jail (I can do this with Linux emulation if required) but prefer to use native jails if possible.

We have a large project coming up for a local 10M repeater system, I’ve already found a few things I’d like to add to apt_rpt source.

Any feedback/help appreciated.

Makes me happy you are working on the code. I have a PR for the ASL menu and I’d love to see my stuff there too. But the developer is really busy with work, personal life, you know the drill. We certainly could use a capable person with time on their hands to manage the code. Know anyone?

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Hi thank you for getting back to me,

Yes fully appreciate the person in charge is busy, I know the feeling. Just wanted to make sure I had submitted everything correctly. I’m still learning the code base for apt_rpt, so am very much a beginner. However I’d like to donate time and assist in anyway I can.

My day job involves a lot of unix based systems inc asterisk servers as well as creating/managing networks. If I can help the cause in any way I’d be happy to.

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