Commands stopped working

I’m new to Allstar. I’m using a Shari node and a Kenwood TH F7E. All was great until this morning. Now the keypad on the radio won’t input any commands - there is no audible tone when pressing the star key or any other key. Same is true on my UV5R. Both radios receive my callsign when I press the PTT. Any ideas appreciated.

As herd where ? where are you listening that you do not hear it ?

DTMF is ‘muted’ (not a option) if everything is working as it should. So, the only place to hear it is the input of the rf from some other radio. And if you are not hearing it there, it is the TXing radio in error…

If you want to see if the dtmf is being picked up by the system, you need to monitor asterisk in the foreground (ssh / putty etc) and watch the text. It will tell you.

asterisk -rvvv

Thanks for your reply. I figured it out. It was operator error, nothing at all wrong with the system.

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