Com Port for PTT?

Probably a dumb question - Can a com port (RTS or DTR / Transistor) be used by Allstarlink for PTT in place of a CM108 FOB ? Trying to rehab a couple of IRLP installs for a friend on the cheap. Then Disc in and Modulator In with USB RADIO - nu5d

no as the fob passes the audio it also generate the COS needed to tell the node to key the transmitter. Also the new versions of allstar and hamvoip also handle IRLP but you need permission to set it up to link in as IRLP is proprietary and they generally frown on this.

Thank you Brad - Using USB-Radio (and the name USB says it all) I was hoping for a non-usb way to connect to a radio, ie, computer’s own built in sound card, and own com port/ptt. DSP takes care of any COS/CTCSS decode stuff. But such does not exist. Thanks again (yeah - no intent to pursue IRLP → just re-purposing irlp hardware). 73, steve

There is no interpreter in the software in serial for ptt/cos. Serial is used for talking/data communication of hf remotes if set-up for it. But has not relationship with cos/ptt.
There is one for parallel, so if your heart is demanding it, you would need to interpret software signals.
or, use a parallel port if you have one.

In either/any case you would need the sound fob for sound

Conceptually, I did something similar to this, but not the same, using an unmodified ICOM2730a radio. I setup Node-Red on a raspberry pi. I had Node-Red retrieve data via the CI-V protocol and used that data to determine when and squelch was off and someone was transmitting over the air. I also had the PI take part in generating the signals needed to key the radio.

I did this a while ago, so specific details of what I did are a little fuzzy at the moment, but if you are interested, I can get back to you after I finish a few other important matters (which will take a couple of days).

Not the same thing as what you are asking for, but similar, hopefully it may give you some inspiration for your solution.

Ed - AE8Q