Cloud Hub Node -> connected remote nodes - how to send voice announcements to all of the connected nodes?

I have 2 Vultr Cloud Nodes with several repeater nodes connected to each Cloud node and the 2 cloud nodes at times connected to each other. I would like to send a voice announcement from one or the other hubs to all of the connected nodes - I am having trouble seeing how to make this work. TIA, steve nu5d

DISREGARD !!! Syntax - replace localplay with playback - solved…

Declare a command (non-conflicting) and use playback & location

6501=Playback,/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/abandon-all-hope.ulaw ; test

This could as well be something you recorded. but stick to available codec formats.

One you have the command, test it manually and at that point, you could run it within a macro and scheduler.

TU Mike - I had rpt playback instead of playback… 73 steve

Only works if duplex isn’t set to 0 in rpt.conf (bug)