CLI Notice 791 meaning?

I tried connecting to 513920 and it’s says Connection Failed.
Checked CLI and I see Notice 791
Does anyone know what this code means?

Never heard of that one. Please post a screen shot or text.

I’ve rebooted the computer and can’t duplicate.
But shows this now.

There’s another thread about this but there is no resolution.

I’m going to guess there is a port conflict. Are you using 4569? Do you have VoIP service? Try changing the port to 4570 or such.

Also be sure you have your port settings correct. Take a look at server1 in this document.

Thanks but I’m not using two different ip’s…yet.
I’ve connected to several nodes with no issues.

But I’ve had these two issues:

  1. Intermittently my dtmf decodes and does nothing, no double beep or
  2. Only the node mentioned above gives the error when I try to connect. I concluded his end is configured incorrectly?
    The node owner also stated he gets the same error when trying to connect to some nodes but was able to connect to me.
    I’ve also noticed when I try to connect to his node I also see in CLI “slow response”.

I think the problem is at 513920. I can’t connect to that node.

Ask them to double check their NNX config, particularly extensions.conf. That’s an NNX node so take a look at NNX - AllStarLink Wiki